Testing: Awesomesauce Tee and Tunic

I decided I needed to test the Awesomesauce Tee and Tunic by A Sparkly Baby Patterns just by reading the name. Awesomesauce says a lot! I also love the designer and the top looked adorable from the pre-testing photos.

I am a busty person and there are days I want to downplay this, and then there are days I like to accentuate this. This patterns lets me to both!

My first version I neglected to follow the full seam allowance. This resulted in a baggy and less than flattering top – I recommend following the seam allowance and if you forget what it is, check back with the pattern and instructions.

My second and third tops were perfect. I made both the tunic length.

The red floral top is opted to go with the elastic gathering inside. I also did not stretch it as much as the pattern called for, just to see how it would look. I absolutely loved the end result. This is a top I can wear out or I can wear to work.

The blue and red top I used the accent band and the slim fit. This is adorable and something I could wear almost anywhere.

Both tops I can pair with jeans, or leggings and be comfortable all day. I definitely recommend you grab the pattern for yourself. It is great for women of all bust sizes and feel free to adjust the elastic gathering or the accent band to your personal preference. My other half has encouraged me to make more, and who doesn’t love encouragement for “selfish sewing”? This pattern does take approximately 2 yards which can help you get through any stash busting, or plan ahead if you find a fabric you love. My new favorite phrase is fitting for this pattern: “2 yards a day keeps the husband at bay”.

I have four more shirts planned. I’ll be sure to share those when they’re done. If you grab this pattern, feel free to share your thoughts on it. Happy sewing!


Reusable Potty Training Undies (Trainers)

My youngest is 2 and has been showing signs of being ready to potty train or potty learn recently so I decided it would be time to make him some trainers. We have used cloth diapers almost his whole life and I figured there was no reason to stop that trend by using a reusable option for potty training.

I decided to try two of the pattern designers I like one is A Sparkly Baby (ASB) and the other is Stitch Upon a Time (SUAT). Both have different patterns and many other patterns I have sewn and loved. I personally use the Stitch Upon a Time scrundlewear for myself, but I’ll write a separate blog post about that.

The Lil’ Bug Undies from ASB does not have a specific piece you cut out for the training pad. This can be a little frustrating, but they do have an easy to follow tutorial on their Facebook page to make one, and that helps quite a bit. I followed the steps they gave, but opted to not use a liner on top of the pad and instead I sewed the pad straight to the underwear. I also did not use the recommendation of having the pad about 1/2″ away from the normal edge of the underwear/trainer. This may not have been the best idea as my serger did not really care for the thickness while sewing. However, I was very happy overall with the fit of these on my son. They give him lots of space to play, run, climb, and crawl around. There isn’t a worry about a lack of coverage, as all his little parts stay well covered. He does have a booty and his belly is definitely one that belongs to a well-fed toddler. His belly/waist measurement is slightly more than his chest, but that seems to be slowly going away as he grows. Finished photo of the Lil’ Bug Undies below.


The kids scrundlewear trainer from SUAT does have a trainer pad piece to use, which was nice. I also sewed the pad straight to the underwear as directed in the training pad directions. For this pattern, there was a little bit of excess fabric in the rise that we didn’t necessarily need. This may be due to his little belly or just that he is a bit on the shorter side. Overall the fit is nice and still serves its purpose. Finished photo of the Scrundlewear below.


For the pads I opted to use a hemp and bamboo blend fleece for 1 or 2 layers. I also used a windpro layer under these and before attaching it to the main part of the underwear. I basted each of the pad layers together before attaching to the underwear to avoid any slippage while sewing. I also attached the pad to the underwear using a stretch stitch to ensure it wouldn’t go anywhere and we wouldn’t lose any stitches along the way of potty training. For him, I may need to use additional absorbency options until he gets the hang of listening to his body all the time. Below are pictures of the pads before construction and ready for sewing.

He has great days and not so great days. We are not using any special 1 day or 3 day method. I am listening to him and following his queues on how he feels each day. Some days we do great and are dry all morning and most of the afternoon with may successful potty trips. Other days we are changing constantly and may even offer the option of putting a cloth diaper back on. No one is perfect. I do not expect perfection from him, but he is continuing to show progress, which makes me happy.

For this round of sewing, I made a total of 18 trainers. I think we will need more because of his changing feelings about potty training. Again, we aren’t pushing hard, but we are encouraging him to become more comfortable with the toilet. If I try any other trainer patterns I’ll be sure to share those. I also plan on making a post about the fit of different underwear patterns. Hopefully I’ll have time to do that shortly.

Most of the fabric used was from left over projects. They come from a variety of places including: Sweet N Charmed, TKB prints, Elevation Fashion Fabrics, Purple Seamstress, Dark Matter Fabrics, Sew Creative, and others.

Testing: Primary Tee

I tested this fantastic, easy and super quick Primary Tee (aff link) from GYCT. I absolutely love their patterns and this one was super quick and easy!

The longest part of this was cutting and taping the pattern and then clipping for the hemming process. I made this mid-calf length dress in about 45 minutes – sewing took less time. My daughter is always one for something comfortable and something she play in. This dress met both those needs.

I know I will be cutting several of these out of solid colors to work on my kids’ spring wardrobes. We are expecting high 70s here soon so I better get on that!

I’ll post those up when I am done. I’m also hoping to use my Cameo to make some cute vinyl additions to some shirts. That ought to be lots of fun!

Spring Dress Tour: Rival Raglan

I know there are tons of raglan patterns out there. I’ve tested a few, bought a few others and been happy with some, less happy with others. I decided to give GYCT’s unisex raglan the Rival Raglan (aff link) in their dress length to see how it would work on my daughter. I was pleased with the result. 28378335_10160181074345533_2428455893424174713_n

Many of the unisex tops are too boxy for her, even when graded down, but this pattern gave me zero issues. For a slender girl who won’t stop growing, it is great to know what I can grab quickly to make her extra of as she continues to find a way to be taller than I am.

The Rival Raglan comes with three lengths: top, tunic, and dress. It also comes with three different sleeve lengths: short, long and 3/4. I love that this pattern only had the top and sleeves to cut out. Who doesn’t want to save paper? I also love that there was a cut chart for the neckband and the skirt in both the dress and tunic lengths. This also makes it very easy to add length if you have a child who is taller, like mine. I didn’t need to add any length, but I’m sure that will soon change. She is growing like a weed. As you can see below, the length works perfectly for her. She wanted to wear some pants under the dress because it was a bit chilly out.

Overall I am very happy with this dress, it is adorable, it fits well and was a super quick sew. GYCT is running a Spring Dress Tour from March 4th to the 11th. You can get 15% off your entire order using the code “SPRINGTOUR”.

Sweet N Charmed Fabrics Round 28

It’s time for a new round from Sweet N Charmed! It’s no secret that Sweet N Charmed loves putting out Star Wars inspired prints and this round is no exception. I only was able to sew up on of the many prints but you should definitely check this preorder out. Check out how versatile the Sabine print is! Pink is for everyone! This round is scheduled to close 2/28/18 so get your order in while you can!

This is the Half Pipe Tee (aff link) i previously tested from Ellie and Mac. You can check out the testing post here.


The above beanies are a free pattern offered by Made for Mermaids (aff link). The beanie definitely is an awesome tool for scrap busting. They also have lots of other great patterns.

One of my goals was to sew up a pattern I have owned for a year but never touched. That was this romper from Elliedactyl; it’s called the Milo Romper. I always hesitated because it is a lot of color blocking, a lot of topstitching, and snaps at the crotch. Overall, it was a lot of work, but it makes it so awesome when you’re trying to use the most of such awesome prints.

These pants I also tested from Eldenberry Blossoms. They’re called Sprouty Pants and we love them. I really like the grow with me style of pants. It helps me get the most use out of custom fabrics and clothes in general.


I have a few more items on the sewing table to use up every scrap possible. I’ll update when those are finished.

You can also check out any of the retail Sweet N Charmed has available here (aff link) .

Testing: Sugar Pea Tunic and Dress

I had the chance to test for Goober Pea Designs (affiliate link) with the release of the new Sugar Pea Tunic. It was formerly known as the Mini Swagger by George and Ginger, which was previously retired. But now you can get it from Goober Pea Designs!

I was excited to test this pattern as it was previously announced that George and Ginger retired it and it would not be available again. It was awesome knowing that Goober Pea Designs loved it enough to purchase the rights and bring it back.

This test was easy and straight forward. There are two lengths: dress and tunic. There are multiple sleeve lengths or sleeveless, we still have hotter weather so I was excited to make a tunic length with the sleeveless option.

I used super soft french terry that I purchased from So Sew English. It came in a bundle with the purple modal I used for the skirts. I absolutely love how the modal drapes. It is so lovely and the combination of fabric is not too warm for her.

My daughter is completely obsessed with purple and was ecstatic to see the final product. Once we put it on, she would not stop spinning. The spin factor is a huge deal for her when it comes to skirts. This kid also has bounds of sass and decided she needed photographic evidence of that. Don’t mind her loud socks, she loves to have loud socks.






Testing: Be Independent

I love the sheer number of dress patterns that Ellie and Mac has for girls. No two are identical and it gives my daughter a wide range to choose from when she wants to try a new dress. That’s why I jumped at the chance to test the girls Be Independent Dress, Skirt and Shorties (aff link). This dress is definitely different and adorable.

The dress comes with a dress option, a skirt option and shorties. I made one of each because I could. I also LOVE the look of the pocket with the topstitching. It looks fantastic!


The first one I made was the long sleeve dress. It’s been pretty much in the high 70s and low 80s, so I’m not sure how much use she will get out of the long sleeve dress, but she can always use it next year. The fabric came from DMF last year and my daughter absolutely adores anything cat related so I was not surprised when she chose this kitty print.

The second one I made was the skirt version and a separate pair of shorties. My kids are both obsessed with trolls so any time they can, they try to get me to make something using a trolls print. This was no exception. We had to go through all the coordinating solids I own before my daughter settled on this pink.

The shorties I made because my daughter’s school requires all dresses and skirts have shorts under them, I fully support this since she is constantly running and jumping around. She was so happy when I showed her the finished skirt and shorts. She was wearing the shorties under the dress as well, I didn’t realize this until I asked her to switch from the dress to the skirt.

My daughter absolutely loved these and was beyond excited when she learned that the pocket took up the entire length of the skirt from the pocket opening to the hem. The wind was crazy when I took these pictures, but she was a good sport. I’m just so happy she loves the skirt, dress, and shorties.

If you grab this pattern, let me know what you think!